3:7 – I feel funny

This post covers a series of short scenes edited together into a unified sequence.

Back out on the roadside, the presence of the drapes surrounding Mr. C’s (Kyle MacLachlan) wrecked car intensifies, as does his nausea.

At the Rancho Rosa development, Dougie staggers across the floor to the living room, while Jade (Nafessa Williams) showers. A four-point electrical socket crackles and Dougie vomits a small amount of garmonbozia (“paid and sorrow”) onto the carpet. The red drapes appear before him and he abruptly vanishes. Mr. C’s trick has worked and his decoy has been taken instead of him.

The event is accompanied by a loud crashing sound which alarms Jade in the shower.

“What the fuck was that?” she yells.

Mr. C receives a vision of Dougie sitting in a chair in the Black Lodge before the red drapes surrounding his car disappear. He vomits violently into his own hands. More garmonbozia – although it appears mixed with an oily substance; the insides of Mr. C appear as rotten as the outside. He loses consciousness.

In the Black Lodge, Douglas Jones surveys his surroundings with much confusion. He is sat in one of the chairs, just as Mr. C saw him. Across from him stands Phillip Gerard (Al Strobel).

“I feel funny,” Douglas Jones manages, “What’s happening to me?”

“Someone manufactured you,” Gerard tells him. In a fitting piece of familiarity, it is worth noting that Mr Jones has arrives in the Black Lodge without his shoes. Agent Cooper lost his shoes while exiting The Purple Realm. Douglas Jones asks Gerard what he means and Gerard responds, “For a purpose but I think now that’s been fulfilled.”

“It has?” Jones asks. His hands start to shrink. His arms, too. It is as if he is melting away into nothingness. Douglas Jones is a tulpa created by Mr. C, presumably from fibres of his own being. He has lived as a decoy for many years, unaware of his true nature, exactly for this purpose on this day; to trick the inhabitants and powers of the Black Lodge into taking somebody other than Mr. C when the time came for Agent Cooper’s release.

That purpose fulfilled, the integrity of the tulpa is starting to rapidly break down. As his hand withers, the Owl Cave Ring that helped transport him there slips off and onto the floor.

“That’s weird,” Douglas Jones notes; the entire situation is beyond his comprehension.

His head suddenly disappears with a loud burst of sound. In it’s place is a plume of black fire. Out of his hollowed-out shell rises a golden globe which we will come to know as “the seed”. In the universe(s) of Twin Peaks, tulpas are created from a seed, fashioned from the DNA of their true likeness.

Mr. Jones’ body withers and vanishes. In its place, Gerard sees a sort of greyish egg that is surrounded by the black fire, which seems to change from two dimensional to three dimensional. We will see its kind again later in an extended and revealing flashback in Part 8. Gerard covers his eyes as the egg appears to expel the seed. The shell of the egg shrinks and disappears in a great electrical disturbance. All that remains is a much smaller version of the seed in the chair.

Gerard picks up the Owl Cave Ring and the seed. He returns the ring to the plinth seen in Fire Walk With Me.

Next time: Dougie and Jade

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