3:9 – Jade gives two rides

Following a time cut, we find Jade (Nafessa Williams) and Dougie (Kyle MacLachlan) leaving the house. One assumes she has helped him to his feet and shown him the way. She locks up. She notices that Dougie has no shoes. He stands there staring into space. When she re-enters the house he follows her in and out. He can’t put his own shoes on. Jade sighs, but she does do it for him.

Jade’s persona instantly seems to switch from whore to mother. It’s a measure of her capability and versatility, and also, perhaps, a signal from David Lynch and Mark Frost as to the dynamics between men and women in modern society, and maybe even race relations. White men need do nothing to justify themselves. They can stand placidly and exist like immovable objects. Women, meanwhile, are asked to adapt around them, to meet their needs. By and large women are more resourceful and accepting of the need to make such changes – and rightly indignant that the men who surround them are often indifferent to this flex. Its a criticism of this state of affairs, of this imbalance.

Jade fishes in his pockets for this car keys and instead finds Dale Cooper’s room key from the Great Northern Hotel. Cooper must have had it with him the entire time he was in the Black Lodge and beyond. What’s curious is that his room as no. 315. 315 combines both the numbers that appeared on the fuse boxes in the Purple Realm; 3 and 15. Though I fail to see any further significance. She puts the room key back in his pocket. No car keys.

“You mean Jade has to give you two rides?” She is not without humour.

They drive off in her yellow jeep, as a red car with white stripes on the hood rolls up to the house. The driver, a man in sunglasses named Gene (Greg Vrotsos), speaks into a radio; someone is clearly keeping tabs on Dougie.

“His car’s still here,” he confirms, looking at the saloon with the licence plate ‘DUGE LV’. A bearded man on the other end of the radio, Jake (Bill Tangradi), is in another car near the entrance of the Rancho Rosa estate waiting for Jade to drive by. “If he’s in the car, I’ll get him here.”

This is clearly a set-up of Mr. C’s to kill Dougie as soon as possible, that way the threat of Dale Cooper is eliminated and he can remain on Earth in his place indefinitely.

While driving Jade advises Dougie to call Triple A, “They will help you.” Dougie’s attention is drawn by a street sign. The sign points toward Sycamore Street. This is the first in a series of things which will trigger the echoes of memory within Dougie. Throughout The Return he will come into contact with things that have a connection to his time as Dale Cooper in the town of Twin Peaks. In this case the connection is two-fold; the circle of sycamore trees at Glastonbury Grove where one can enter the Black Lodge under certain conditions, and the song he heard on entering the Black Lodge; a song called “Sycamore Trees” sung by Jimmy Scott, which appears on the Fire Walk With Me soundtrack album.

These instances show that there is some residual element of Dale Cooper in there. Dougie looks at these things like a man trying to remember the details of a disappearing dream, unable to piece together their clouded significance, but aware that he is in touching distance of something that’ll allow body and mind to connect once more.

“Jade give two rides,” Dougie parrots. She stares at him, “Oh my God.”

They approach the entrance of the Rancho Rosa estate and Dougie finds the Great Northern Hotel key in his pocket uncomfortable. He retrieves it and drops in into the footwell of the car when Jade goes over a speed bump. Bending down in his seat to get it, he is no longer visible from the outside of the vehicle. The hit man waiting for them gets his rifle ready to take the shot, but on looking he gets the impression that Jade is driving alone. He doesn’t fire. This is also the first in a series of events; the first in a string of lucky escapes that Dougie has from certain death. Dumb luck, or a kind of providence?

Jake, the hit man, wears a bracelet. The bracelet houses several emerald coloured jewels, or facsimiles thereof. This item may or may not have any significance. Firstly, like the name of Dougie’s prostitute friend, it gives the viewer the idea of the colour green in their minds. Secondly, it seems as though it could almost be a companion piece to the Owl Cave Ring. It’s vaguely mystical looking in design. It isn’t seen again, but it could conceivably be read as a further device by which Mr. C is able to control or affect people, or merely to denote those involved in his conspiracies. Jake radios Gene and tells him he will see him at “Mikey’s”.

Gene advises he will “load up” Dougie’s car – an act which will have more bearing on The Return in Part 5.

Next time:  1-1-9

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