4:9 – Access denied

Just time for the briefest of stops over in Buckhorn, South Dakota for a necessary bit of business in bringing new leads to the investigation into the murder of Ruth Davenport, even if what it seems like we’re getting is a block in the road.

The desktop wallpaper on Constance Talbot’s (Jane Adams) PC saves Lynch from needing to provide us with an onscreen legend explaining where we’ve cut to (and oh look, another Dell computer!). It’s 12:18. Very early afternoon. Talbot has been running another print, this time from the headless corpse currently sitting in her morgue.

As she does so, a great big red box appears on her screen saying, “Access Denied: Military Authorization Required”. It’s almost a precursor to a more mysterious red box that will soon appear on Duncan Todd’s computer screen (but now we’re getting ahead of ourselves, and the two instances cannot really be thought of as linked).

Constance calls Detective Macklay (Brent Briscoe) into the room. He is joined by Police Chief Mike Boyd (Dep Kirkland) – this is Kirkland second and final scene after helping to supervise the initial questioning of Bill Hastings at the tail end of Part 1.

Macklay asks if she knows who’s put a block on the print search and she shows him the screen.

Macklay’s only response is a rather non-plussed, “Oh.”

And with that, the Buckhorn PD’s involvement in Part 4 of The Return is over.

Next time:  Faces of stone

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