5:10 – Jade

Just time for a brief, final appearance from Jade (Nafessa Williams), the prostitute who drove Dougie (Kyle MacLachlan) to the Silver Mustang Casino.

Here she picks up her car from the car wash. When she does so, she is given back the Great Northern Hotel room key that Dougie dropped into the foot-well on their drive out of the Rancho Rosa estate. Having no use for it and noting that the hotel’s address in Twin Peaks is printed on the room key, Jade drops it into a nearby mailbox, at least further evidencing her good nature.

It’s a small shame that this is the last we see of Jade, though understandable. She serves a minor function and there’s really no further place for her in the continuing narrative. Nevertheless, racial diversity is an area in which Twin Peaks and The Return is rather lacking.

These characters have and do exist, of course – Josie Packard (Joan Chen) and Deputy Chief Hawk (Michael Horse) being perhaps the most prominent and beloved – and we’ll meet another minor character – Colonel Davies (Ernie Hudson) – later in Part 5. The lack of multicultural faces in the town of Twin Peaks in the early seasons isn’t particularly surprising either given 1) its a rural town in the Pacific Northwest and 2) that representation wasn’t a concern at the time those seasons were made. Still, The Return clearly branches out across the US and the relative lack of effort to broaden the show’s mix of races is a touch disappointing.

This has, however, never been a fundamental cause for Twin Peaks and the oversight certainly doesn’t seem pointed. I’d refer you back to the substance of Gordon Cole’s impassioned speech to FBI Chief of Staff Denise Bryson: fix your hearts or die. Equality and representation are heartfelt and righteous causes for the show’s creators, even if there remain blind spots in their own actualisation.

Next time:  I love how you love me

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