5:14 – Colonel Davis

Now, continuing Part 5’s short, sharp tour of contrasting characters scattered across the ‘world’ of The Return, we meet two new ones. In Arlington, Virginia (our first stop in that state), we take a brief trip to the Pentagon. Inside, Colonel Davis (Ernie Hudson) sits behind his desk. Two quite unusual lamps are present (of course), as well as two statues of eagles. He is informally visited by Lt. Cynthia Knox (Adele René), who informs to him that Major Garland Briggs’ fingerprints have been matched in Buckhorn, South Dakota. This explains the restricted access encountered by Constance Talbot when she ran the prints previously.

Intriguingly, this is not the first time his prints have appeared. From the conversation that they have, this is the 16th time Major Briggs’ fingerprints have been logged in the 25 years since his disappearance. There is no accounting for the other 15. Just another layer of mystery surrounding the Major, who was always something of a spiritualist in the show’s former days; a wise man with access to great knowledge and insights.

Col. Davis calls Lt. Knox “Cindy”, suggesting a level of casual intimacy between them. They are friends. Davis is also one of the few minority supporting players that pepper The Return. Though as mentioned before when speaking about Jade, representation isn’t one of the causes exhibited throughout the show. Still, its a small feathering of positive inclusivity.

This scene, while short, does tell us at least one thing; the US military are as much in the dark about the nature and whereabouts of Major Briggs as the FBI are. Both parties appear to have maintained interest without really discovering much. The events of the week depicted throughout The Return (and it does all, more or less, take place in a week) will change all that.

“If this is real,” Col. Davis tells her, “We have to alert the FBI”.

Lt. Knox salutes her superior and goes to book herself on a flight to South Dakota.

Next time:  Trouble

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