5:18 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

In one of the season’s most tantalising cutaways, we now visit South America and the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Following an establishing shot and title card advising of our location we cut to a familiar light bulb. It’s the same one we saw at the top of Part 5 when Lorraine sent her Blackberry message “ARGENT 2”.

The light bulb hangs in a large and dark room which is a mess with boxes and shelves. A storage area or attic somewhere. Lynch pans down to the black box sitting in a bowl, connecting the location of these two items more firmly. The LEDs on the black box blink twice and it emits a beeping sound. Then the box quickly implodes, leaving a small crumpled version of itself in the bottom of the bowl.

Has Mr. C initiated some return form of communication to Lorraine?Possibly the action gives the green light for a couple of contracts; this may even be what “the cow jumped over the moon” was in reference to. This box may simply be a relay point; a method of avoiding government tracking. Still, the location doesn’t feel immaterial given Mr. C’s previously established connections to South America. It remains a mystery. We never learn anything more about this part of the story and we never revisit Argentina.

Next time:  Windswept

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