6:7 – Red square

A couple of short scenes worth dealing with in quick succession now.

Firstly, back to Vegas, Mr Todd (Patrick Fleischer) receives a coded message on his laptop in the form of a red square. By now we’ve readily come to assume that this must be from Mr. C, who seems to have an array of coded messages set up with varying factions across the country. Mr Todd responds by opening a safe in the desk behind him, being careful not to leave fingerprints. Why? It’s his office, after all, isn’t it? He produces an A4 white envelope with a black dot on it.

The mystery of this cryptic command and the corresponding envelope will be revealed very shortly. Mr. C is commissioning a pair of ‘hits’. Whether the red square is in any way connected to his elaborate use of the Yankton Federal Prison electrical systems remains unclear. If this has not been sent by relay (via Buenos Aires) from Mr. C then presumably it has been forwarded by some other lackey; maybe even (the as-yet unseen) Hutch or Chantal? Commissioning these prearranged ‘hits’ may be the answer to what “The cow jumped over the moon” signified?

Following this, at the Rancho Rosa estates, the coroner arrives as the remains of Dougie’s car are hauled onto the back of a truck. Scene of crime officers have already flagged numerous pieces of debris. One officer climbs a ladder onto the roof of the home of the Drugged-Out Mother (Hailey Gates) in order to reach the vehicle’s licence plate, which was blown clear off.

Inside, she yells “119”, aware that emergency services are outside. The arrangements of items on the table before her suggests this is a shot from one of the takes used in Part 3. She still has one pill left again. This marks her last appearance in The Return.

Outside the evidence flags flutter in the breeze.

Next time:  Ike ‘The Spike’ Stadtler

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