6:12 – Cleaning up

We return to the town of Twin Peaks for the remainder of Part 6 and are treated to a brief scene in which Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) brings his truck to a stop in a field in order to wipe some of the blood off of it from his hit-and-run earlier in the day. He curses his luck.

This short scene could be viewed as a warped act of balance for the intense violence of the last one, in which Ike ‘The Spike’ Stadtler (Christophe Jajac-Denek) caused all manner of mayhem and death in a Las Vegas office building. One scene of a mess caused, followed by one of a mess cleaned up (at least, partially). Placing the two scenes together links these disparate characters in a very tangential sense. They are two culprits with blood on their hands.

As we’ll discover, Richard’s ‘evil’ (to speak of it rather prosaically) might be contributed – in part – to heritage. His frustration in this small scene belies some buried sense of remorse for his actions (granted it manifests as toxic aggression which he then vents out into the world). Still, he shows more of an emotional response for his deeds that Ike.

One other small note; Richard chooses to park underneath telephone lines. The sound of electricity crackles on the soundtrack. Is it possible the denizens of the Black Lodge are keeping tabs on him here? Reaching out to receive their precious garmonbozia? As previously mentioned, it’s possible that negative emotions and human pain are transmitted to the Lodge via telephone lines. Regardless, the electricity crackles on the soundtrack provide a good indication of the frazzled state of Richard’s mind during this scene.

A yellow car can be spotted in the far corner of the field. This potential witness will come into play later…

Next time:   Something to do with your heritage

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