7:2 – Missing pages

On the desk in the conference room at the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Chief Hawk (Michael Horse) has laid out the pages found in the bathroom stall in Part 6. They sit side-by-side in individual evidence bags. They are the missing pages from Laura Palmer’s  (Sheryl Lee) secret diary; the one that she gave to Harold Smith a few days before she died as seen in Fire Walk With Me.

“This is what I found,” Hawk tells Sheriff Frank Truman (Robert Forster), who surveys the new evidence. Truman reads the first page which we see:

They’ve never listened to my voice(?) and I didn’t want them to anyway. This came to me in a dream last night. “My name is Annie. I’ve been with Dale and Laura (me??!!!). The good Dale is in the lodge and he can’t leave. Write it in your diary” – that’s what she said to me.

In Fire Walk With Me, Mrs Tremond/Chalfont and her grandson – denizens of the Convenience Store whom Donna Hayward visited in season 2 – gave Laura a framed photograph. The photograph showed a dark room with floral wallpaper with an open door. Mrs Tremond/Chalfont told Laura that it would look nice on her wall. Laura hung the photograph in her bedroom and at night had a vivid dream which linked the Convenience Store, Mrs. Tremond/Chalfont and her grandson to the Black Lodge. In this dream she also saw Dale Cooper, who warned her not to take the Owl Cave Ring. Taking the ring caused Leland/BOB to kill her, instead of possess her.

Towards the end of the dream, Annie Blackburn appeared in bed beside Laura and told her the words written on this page of the diary. This further supports the idea that the Black Lodge is outside of conventional time. For many years this key sequence in Fire Walk With Me offered considerable hope to viewers eager for resolution to Dale Cooper’s conundrum. That this coded message might appear in the past as a vital clue in the future. This suspicion is now fulfilled as Deputy Chief Hawk and Sheriff Truman read the message. However, it has been discovered too late; Cooper has already escaped from the Black Lodge and been caught in his evil doppelganger’s trap. Nevertheless, the discovery of these pages now puts Hawks and Truman on a path that will ultimately converge with the other story elements in Part 17.

Truman, having read the page, questions Hawk about the circumstances surrounding them and he relays information known to the audience, bringing those foggy on the details back up to speed for The Return and helping out new viewers (god help them) unfamiliar with the history.

Hawk advises that these are three of the four pages that were torn out of the diary. Holding back the fourth page is a shrewd move on the part of Mark Frost and David Lynch; you never know when they might get another opportunity to use the diary pages to advance a new story point or expand the lore should the series ever return again.

We aren’t shown two of the three pages, but on the back of the page we are shown, Hawn reveals to Truman further writing:

the moon has been high in the sky for hours now I can’t sleep! It’s 1:30AM. I’m crying so hard I can hardly breath. (sic) NOW I KNOW IT ISN’T BOB. I KNOW WHO IT IS.

Hawk surmises that Leland Palmer found and hid the pages once he realised she had figured out who BOB was. Hawk doesn’t fully explain the connection between the name BOB and Leland Palmer in this scene, but we can surmise that this is discussed and explained to Truman at another time. This explanation makes some sense, but it doesn’t sit well with the events seen in Fire Walk With Me, in which Laura discovers that the diary has had some pages torn out before she discovers that BOB and her father are one and the same. However, one could argue that the words on the page do not directly name her father as the culprit of her nighttime rapes, and therefore could well have been written before this discover when she had a different theory, or were written in a drug-induced stupor and then forgotten…

Sheriff Truman asks Hawk when he thinks Leland hid the pages in the bathroom stall door. Hawk suggests it may have been when he was being questioned about his involvement in the death of Jacques Renault (whom Leland smothered with a pillow at the end of season 1, believing the Roadhouse bartender and One Eyed Jack’s card dealer to be responsible for his daughter’s death; this was a murder of Leland’s doing and not BOB’s). It’s as good an explanation as we’re going to get and it satisfies.

Sheriff Truman reiterates the facts, “Laura never met Cooper. He came here after she died, didn’t he?” He’s correct.

Hawk suggests o Truman that the page references a ‘good’ Dale, but Hawk knows what Dale came out of the lodge with Annie on the night of the Miss Twin Peaks contest (see the end of season 2). Therefore, the Cooper who emerged from the lodge was not the ‘good’ Cooper. He has grasped the suggestion of the doppelganger – and existence of Mr. C – correctly.

Sheriff Truman asks who else saw Cooper after he emerged from the lodge. Hawk tells him Doc Hayward saw him but he isn’t sure who else. Cooper evidently left down shortly thereafter (but not before encountering Audrey Horne, but we’ll get to that later down the road…).

We cut to later on, and Frank is on the phone to his brother Harry, but Harry’s condition is obviously very poor and so Frank tells him the matter he called for (the one he has discussed with Hawk here) can wait and that it is not urgent. The scene is played without the need for Michael Ontkean to appear as Harry; the actor unwilling to reprise his role being the very reason for Robert Forster’s involvement as his proxy, the good-natured Frank Truman.

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