7:3 – Andy in the field

It’s a rare thing for us to see Deputy Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz) in the field on his own. Throughout the first two seasons of the show he provided backup assistance (or ineptitude) to Sheriff Truman (Michael Ontkean) and Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse), or else could be found navigating the pitfalls of romance back at the Sheriff’s Department with Lucy (Kimmy Robertson). But some form of assistance or supervision was usually close by. At worst, he’d venture out for exploits with the terror of Horne’s Department Store, Dick Tremayne (Ian Buchanan), though these were thankfully short-lived. No, in the realms of Twin Peaks law enforcement, Andy has never been the sharpest tool in the shed, or one wielded effectively, save for the odd instance of sharp-shooting or literally tripping over clues.

A quarter of a century later, however, and evidently some minor evolution has been allowed. We find Andy out in the town by himself, though his efforts are largely ineffectual, bless him.

Andy confronts a shabby-looking farmer (Ted Dowling) whose truck is parked in a field between them. It’s the same truck we saw Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) driving in Part 6 when he hit the little boy at the midtown intersection. Andy is following up on the leads from the incident, which has brought him to this evidently poorer side of town.

“I can’t talk to you about this here,” the man pleads with Andy, “I told you. Please go away.”

We never find out this man’s name – he is credited only as ‘Farmer’ – but the tone of his voice readily suggests that he feels threatened, obviously by Richard. He goes on, revealing that he’s readily willing to cooperate with the police, but fears the association in broad daylight that Andy represents.

“I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you the whole story. I’ll meet you somewhere but I can’t talk to you here. Please you’ve got to get out of here now.”

Andy suggests a meeting place; the logging road above Sparkwood and 21 – that oh-so-familiar location from the first two seasons and the film Fire Walk With Me where many mini dramas unfolded. It is as much a local landmark for the inhabitants of Twin Peaks as it is to the viewers.

The Farmer agrees to meet Andy in two hours’ time at 4:30, placing this scene at approximately 2:30 in the afternoon. He begs Andy to go, and Andy does. A white car passes in the background – a potential witness to this scene? Troubled, the Farmer goes back inside his house.

Next time:  Call the doctor

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