7:11 – Warden Murphy

Mr. C’s (Kyle MacLachlan) message to the guard was evidently relayed and had its desired effect. He is led into Warden Murphy’s (James Morrison) office by two guards and placed in a seat opposite the warden. The office has a similar feel to the offices of the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department. There are mounted fish and game on the walls. Wood paneling. The same sense of MidWest aesthetics. There are also, clearly visible, surveillance cameras fixed opposite one another. Mr. C is shackled securely and the guards leave the room.

Warden Murphy tells Mr. C that the security cameras are turned off and that they can speak freely. He takes a gun from his desk drawer – a revolver – and aims it at Mr. C.

The dog leg,” Mr. C says, cryptically. He is referring to the dog leg found in the trunk of his car when he was discovered incapacitated on the side of the road in his crashed vehicle.

“That dog had four legs. One you found in my trunk. The other three went out with the information you’re thinking about right now. Two people you don’t want coming around here if anything bad happens to me.”

Most likely here he is referring to Hutch and Chantal who we will spend some time with later. We’ve not met Hutch yet, but Chantal appeared in Part 2 at the motel, in the room next to the ill-fated Darya.

“How do I know you know anything about this?” asks Warden Murphy.

“Joe McCluskey.” Mr. C replies and the name has its desired impact.

This is classic behaviour from Mark Frost and David Lynch; acknowledging that events occur in the lives of their characters outside of the scenes we are privy to. It isn’t necessary for the viewer to know all of the history, just to understand that there is history; that the warden is dirty in some way (seemingly for his part in the murder of a certain Mr. Strawberry) and that Mr. C knows this and is using it as leverage. From what’s been said, one assumes that whomever Mr. Strawberry was, Warden Murphy silenced him, most likely with the assistance of Chantal and Hutch, unaware – presumably – of their close personal ties to his present guest. It’s also feasible that Mr. C orchestrated this entire affair so as to have a hold card for this plan of his, elaborate as that may seem.

The warden sits and puts down the gun, thinking. He asks Mr. C what we wants and Mr. C is ready with his answer.

“I want a car. Cheap rental if you like. For myself and Ray Monroe. I want a ‘friend’ in the glove compartment. 1 am. Tonight. Smooth and safe. And if your mind should wander to a place where I might not make it out of here alive, remember the dog legs. I’m not interested in you. You’ll never see me again. And no one will ever hear anything more and Joe McCluskey or your late Mr. Strawberry.”

The ultimatum is left suspended in the air between them only for a moment before we move on to events in Las Vegas.

Next time:   Fuscos

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