7:15 – Beverly at home

A short scene follows which appears to have no relevance to the rest of the season, but adds texture and context to the character of Beverly (Ashley Judd), and that alone excuses its inclusion.

Beverly returns home and greets a nurse (Judith Drake) who is leaving. She asks for a report on how ‘he’ is and the nurse advises it has been a rough day.

On going inside it is revealed that ‘he’ is her husband Tom (Hugh Dillon), and that he is unwell. He sits in a wheelchair beside a hospital bed in the living room. An IV is attached to him. Beverly apologises for being late but Tom acts sullen and upset. He questions why she is so late. She brushes off the question, saying she had things to do, but Tom persists. The conversation becomes pregnant with insinuation. Tom is concerned about his wife’s relationship with her boss, Ben Horne (Richard Beymer). Ben has a history, so it’s perhaps not without cause. One would hope he could trust his wife, though.

“Listen to me, Tom,” Beverly says, “I know you’re sick and suffering. I know it. But do not use that to fuck with me. Do not fuck with me! I did not want to go back to work!”

She yells at him and he just looks at her, mouth agape. There is no specific follow-up or pay-off to this moment. It’s just a little colour.

Next time:  Green Onions

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