7:18 – Billy

Lynch cuts to a night shot of pine trees from above. The shot looks as though it was captured with the use of a drone. We glide over the trees, barely able to make them out in the pitch dark. It’s ominous and serene all at once. The dark hum on the soundtrack is replaced with the low moan of the wind. This shot will become one of the recurring hallmarks of The Return and we’ll track it’s progress and possible symbolism. For now it acts as a transition; a journey; from Yankton Federal Prison back to the secretive hills of Twin Peaks.

Then, we’re inside the Double R. It is evening and busy. “Sleep Walk” by Santo and Johnny plays on the soundtrack pleasantly. Shelly (Mädchen Amick) serves at the counter. Heidi (Andrea Hays) is out at the tables. Norma (Peggy Lipton) is sat in a booth.

An agitated man – possibly named Bing and played by Riley Lynch; looking through the episode credits this seems like the only option, by process of elimination – rushes in the door of the diner and people look up at the commotion.

“Hey!” he calls out, “Anybody seen Billy?” It appears nobody has. He dashes off again and the customers and staff resume their activities. Amid this mild hubbub, the credits roll on Part 7.

Who is Billy? We’ll hear more about a Billy later in the season, and his curious elusiveness will ring around The Return like a discordant echo. Chiefly, it is the forthcoming Audrey Horne storyline that will prominently feature the whereabouts of Billy. That storyline, in a cliffhanger twist, proves not to be taking place within the same reality as the rest of the show, but rather they seem to be taking place in Audrey’s mind. The assumption would be that this phenomena is isolated to the scenes that feature Sherilyn Fenn, but what if that isn’t necessarily the case? This scene may in fact be our first encounter with the interior of Audrey’s mind. A paranoiac might well wonder how much further into the rest of the narrative her dreams spread.

Who is the dreamer? Indeed.

Part 7 is dedicated to the memory of Warren Frost.

Next time: Night drive

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