BETWEEN TWO DOUGIES is a project created by Peter Cox, blogging film critic at thelosthighwayhotel.com

This blog will, hopefully, become home to a detailed and personal analysis of Twin Peaks: The Return – the cryptic, sinister, melancholic and belated third season of the cult TV show created by Mark Frost and David Lynch.

I aim to go through all 18 parts of the show, in order, picking out points of interest, making conjectures, connecting dots.

I will not be attempting to EXPLAIN the whole thing. That’s not the point. Think of it more as a celebration of a labyrinthine work of art.

Right now, the main intent is to get each scene covered (without rushing, without merely cliff-noting), largely from my own perspective. Then… it won’t be finished. Using the blog format allows revisions and additions to be made, making it a sort of living document. Hopefully, at that point I won’t be sick of the subject and there’ll be further investigations.


Strikethroughs are presently being used as an aesthetic touch denoting, essentially, footnotes or mild digressions. When I get to additions, they’ll almost certainly appear in another text colour. Right now, strikethroughs give a small flavour of a later look.

More content to come…