2:13 – Shadow

One of my favourite scenes of all of The Return is this one. Though we've seen a lot of familiar faces over the course of Parts 1 and 2, for some reason our return to The Roadhouse is the first moment that really feels like coming home. Following on from our dark encounter in the Palmer … Continue reading 2:13 – Shadow

2:12 – The Palmer house

One of my favourite words which I rarely find the opportunity to use is 'psychomanteum'. It is an enclosed area, dimly lit, containing a mirror which reflects only darkness. The psychomanteum is an arrangement used by mediums and practitioners of parapsychology to communicate with spirits. It is thought that the dead - or perhaps other … Continue reading 2:12 – The Palmer house

2:11 – Glass box revisited

"Do you think that if you were falling in space... that you would slow down after a while or go faster and faster?" muses Donna Hayward (Moira Kelly) while lazing in the Palmer house living room with Laura (Sheryl Lee) during Fire Walk With Me. Laura's answer still sends shivers down my spine as she … Continue reading 2:11 – Glass box revisited

2:10 – Non-exist-ent

Back to the Black Lodge. Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is as we left him, stood before The Arm which continues to crackle with electricity. The Arm tells him, "253". These numbers are important and recur throughout The Return. Lynch is a believer in numerology. When totalled together these figures equal 10 and this is referred to … Continue reading 2:10 – Non-exist-ent

2:9 – Next door

Leaving the body of Darya in room 6, Mr. C (Kyle MacLachlan) moves down to room 7, where he evidently has somebody waiting. He knocks three times. Chantal Hutchens (Jennifer Jason Leigh) answers the door, gun in hand, but not threatening her boss. He is wordlessly invited in. Chantal is partner-in-crime (both literally and figuratively) … Continue reading 2:9 – Next door

2:8 – Motel room

Thunder cracks overhead as we view a clouding sky over a treeline and then cut to a motel somewhere. Room 6 with a red door. Headlights swoop over it and Mr. C (Kyle MacLachlan) parks up and makes for the room. Inside, Darya (Nicole LaLiberte) is in her underwear, sitting on the bed, talking on … Continue reading 2:8 – Motel room

2:7 – Jack

Physiognomy is the practice of reading into a person's personality and health through the features of their face. Every part of the face is thought to correspond to another part or trait of the body. By examining someone's cheekbones, for instance, one might gather insight into the wellness of their stomach. It's a talent that … Continue reading 2:7 – Jack

2:6.2 – The evolution of The Arm

Continuing Agent Cooper's (Kyle MacLachlan) adventures in the Black Lodge from where we left off, the furniture in the Waiting Room disappears as we take on Cooper's POV. The red drapes billow again and are blown outward to reveal a pitch darkness behind them. This is a fascinating reveal. The existence of these drapes raised … Continue reading 2:6.2 – The evolution of The Arm

2:6 – Are you Laura Palmer?

Red drapes. That signature Angelo Badalamenti guitar strum. The statue. Then the familiar Waiting Room at large; three chairs, two lamps, a side table with a small globe-like ornament (a symbol of our Earth; a toy?). The striking coffee and cream chevrons of the patterned floor (used previously by Lynch for the lobby in Eraserhead). … Continue reading 2:6 – Are you Laura Palmer?

2:5 – The stars turn and a time presents itself

Another signature transition shot of The Return greets our return to Twin Peaks. Lynch has his camera drift over the woods at night. They're barely distinguishable. Figures in the dark. There's an ever so gradual tilt of perspective, too. We lean in, look down on the trees, as though trying to pick out a person on … Continue reading 2:5 – The stars turn and a time presents itself