5:16 – Cooper’s prints

Agent Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell) sits in an office looking over the prints lifted from Mr. C (Kyle MacLachlan). She holds a photo of Dale Cooper circa 1990. Young. Fresh faced. He looks determined. It is as though she is trying to get a read on the man from this piece of archival evidence. What's … Continue reading 5:16 – Cooper’s prints

3:5 – Transitions

This post covers a series of short scenes edited together into a unified sequence. Mr. C (Kyle MacLachlan) drives down a road in the desert; the same as when Agent Cooper saw him from an elevated vantage point while gazing out through the drapes of the Black Lodge. As he drives, he starts to lose … Continue reading 3:5 – Transitions

3:4 – The former Ms Ronette Pulaski

Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) wasn't the only victim of Leland/BOB (Ray Wise/Frank Silva) on that cold night in February of 1989. Though it was her body washed up on the bank of the river near the Martell homestead that brought the attention of the FBI, the shell-shocked visage of Ronette Pulaski (Phoebe Augustine) crossing the … Continue reading 3:4 – The former Ms Ronette Pulaski

3:3 – Space

Lynch's work is often described as dreamlike with justification. The man himself is obsessed with the interplay between dreams and reality, and its an especially porous line between the two in The Return. Still, even by his standards, this sequence of scenes that open Part 3 display a greater degree of dream logic than he has … Continue reading 3:3 – Space

3:2 – Naido

The room Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) finds himself in is graded in a pinkish crimson hue. The sound design changes accordingly - this entire sequence is underpinned with subtly evocative tones and drones that help suggest an almost submerged quality; as though a great weight lies above the ceiling, making the room feel cave-like. The action … Continue reading 3:2 – Naido

3:1 – The purple realm

Opening titles dispensed with, Part 3 continues Agent Cooper's (Kyle MacLachlan) descent through the infinite, having been shunted out of our plain of existence during his brief spell in the mysterious glass box. It's a bracing reintroduction. He sees an expanse of purple smoke. A cloud of it blooms out of centre frame as we … Continue reading 3:1 – The purple realm

2:11 – Glass box revisited

"Do you think that if you were falling in space... that you would slow down after a while or go faster and faster?" muses Donna Hayward (Moira Kelly) while lazing in the Palmer house living room with Laura (Sheryl Lee) during Fire Walk With Me. Laura's answer still sends shivers down my spine as she … Continue reading 2:11 – Glass box revisited

2:10 – Non-exist-ent

Back to the Black Lodge. Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is as we left him, stood before The Arm which continues to crackle with electricity. The Arm tells him, "253". These numbers are important and recur throughout The Return. Lynch is a believer in numerology. When totalled together these figures equal 10 and this is referred to … Continue reading 2:10 – Non-exist-ent

2:6.2 – The evolution of The Arm

Continuing Agent Cooper's (Kyle MacLachlan) adventures in the Black Lodge from where we left off, the furniture in the Waiting Room disappears as we take on Cooper's POV. The red drapes billow again and are blown outward to reveal a pitch darkness behind them. This is a fascinating reveal. The existence of these drapes raised … Continue reading 2:6.2 – The evolution of The Arm

2:6 – Are you Laura Palmer?

Red drapes. That signature Angelo Badalamenti guitar strum. The statue. Then the familiar Waiting Room at large; three chairs, two lamps, a side table with a small globe-like ornament (a symbol of our Earth; a toy?). The striking coffee and cream chevrons of the patterned floor (used previously by Lynch for the lobby in Eraserhead). … Continue reading 2:6 – Are you Laura Palmer?