7:2 – Missing pages

On the desk in the conference room at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, Deputy Chief Hawk (Michael Horse) has laid out the pages found in the bathroom stall in Part 6. They sit side-by-side in individual evidence bags. They are the missing pages from Laura Palmer's  (Sheryl Lee) secret diary; the one that she gave … Continue reading 7:2 – Missing pages

6:13 – Something to do with your heritage

First of all, to anyone who had been checking this on a regular basis who has somehow returned, apologies for the delay in updates. You'd have thought the COVID-19 lockdown would've allowed plenty of time for me to forge ahead with this - and you'd be right - but the will to do so has … Continue reading 6:13 – Something to do with your heritage

2:5 – The stars turn and a time presents itself

Another signature transition shot of The Return greets our return to Twin Peaks. Lynch has his camera drift over the woods at night. They're barely distinguishable. Figures in the dark. There's an ever so gradual tilt of perspective, too. We lean in, look down on the trees, as though trying to pick out a person on … Continue reading 2:5 – The stars turn and a time presents itself

1:11 – Boxes

So far we've had the sinister glass box, Dr. Jacoby's delivery of shovels, even Ruth Davenport's apartment could be viewed as a kind of locked box... Part 1's preoccupation with boxes - and openings - continues as we return to the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department. Following his late night phone call with Margaret Lanterman, Deputy … Continue reading 1:11 – Boxes

1:9 – My log has a message for you

When Mulholland Drive was first released it was marketed with a set of 10 'clues' to help viewers navigate the film's Möbius strip narrative (and forewarn of its canny complexity). One of these clues asked us to "notice appearances of the red lampshade". The lampshade in question sat in the home of Diane Selwin (Naomi Watts), on … Continue reading 1:9 – My log has a message for you