8:1.2 – Intervention

Angelo Badalamenti's music changes to something altogether more bizarre; a hesitant, jumping piece of music that lilts and bobs as events grow increasingly off-kilter for Ray (George Griffith). Ray looks up and sees a number of Dirty Bearded Men coming toward them through the sparse woodland and shrub of the desert. They're only really visible … Continue reading 8:1.2 – Intervention

2:1 – The first dirty bearded man

Before most of us even knew it, we'd been snuck into Part 2 of The Return, and a nagging question remained once it was over: "Who was that guy in the cell who disappeared?" Lynch's fondness for incongruous details has many precedents, but this one was a doozy. A simple camera pan, away from poor Bill … Continue reading 2:1 – The first dirty bearded man