7:6 – The whistler

FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole - played fittingly by David Lynch himself - is no ordinary man. Though he wears hearing aids of a kookily unsubtle variety to make up for his impaired hearing, his other perceptive abilities are advanced. He has a level of intuition even surpassing Agent Cooper's; and a susceptibility to psychic … Continue reading 7:6 – The whistler

3:11 – Something bad in this vehicle

Perhaps the Drugged-Out Mother in the last scene - crying out "1-1-9" - was anticipating the Highway Patrol car that finds Mr. C (Kyle MacLachlan) passed out in his wrecked Lincoln by the side of the road? We cut back to the site of his accident. The Highway Patrol car rolls up with sirens blazing … Continue reading 3:11 – Something bad in this vehicle

3:7 – I feel funny

This post covers a series of short scenes edited together into a unified sequence. Back out on the roadside, the presence of the drapes surrounding Mr. C's (Kyle MacLachlan) wrecked car intensifies, as does his nausea. At the Rancho Rosa development, Dougie staggers across the floor to the living room, while Jade (Nafessa Williams) showers. … Continue reading 3:7 – I feel funny

2:6.2 – The evolution of The Arm

Continuing Agent Cooper's (Kyle MacLachlan) adventures in the Black Lodge from where we left off, the furniture in the Waiting Room disappears as we take on Cooper's POV. The red drapes billow again and are blown outward to reveal a pitch darkness behind them. This is a fascinating reveal. The existence of these drapes raised … Continue reading 2:6.2 – The evolution of The Arm