3:15 – Kafkaesque

Kafkaesque (adjective) - characteristic or reminiscent of the oppressive or nightmarish qualities of Franz Kafka's fictional world. e.g. "a Kafkaesque bureaucratic office" FBI Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole (David Lynch) sits in on a meeting with Agent Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer). Albert is presenting information on an ongoing case. Among the other … Continue reading 3:15 – Kafkaesque

2:11 – Glass box revisited

"Do you think that if you were falling in space... that you would slow down after a while or go faster and faster?" muses Donna Hayward (Moira Kelly) while lazing in the Palmer house living room with Laura (Sheryl Lee) during Fire Walk With Me. Laura's answer still sends shivers down my spine as she … Continue reading 2:11 – Glass box revisited

1:7 – Intimacy

We're back in New York and the studio apartment containing the glass box. The quiet hum of machines rests in the background. Sam Colby (Benjamin Rosenfield) attends to his work. We can safely assume that this is the next night. On hearing the buzzer go, he steps out into the lobby to investigate and finds … Continue reading 1:7 – Intimacy

1:3 – A glass box

We all love looking. The 21st century takes a bigger strain on the eyes than any time that has preceded it. When we're not glued to our televisions, we're ceaselessly scrolling on our cell phones; personal computers that we're happily enslaved by. You might even be reading this that way - aware to some degree … Continue reading 1:3 – A glass box