7:10 – No show

The misty cascading hills around the town of Twin Peaks. Douglas Firs cutting up the low cloud. A low mood. The score has dread in it. Laura Palmer's Theme plays over these misty shots of the woodland hillsides surrounding the town. After a little time away with the FBI, we're returning to a troubled moment … Continue reading 7:10 – No show

7:3 – Andy in the field

It's a rare thing for us to see Deputy Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz) in the field on his own. Throughout the first two seasons of the show he provided backup assistance (or ineptitude) to Sheriff Truman (Michael Ontkean) and Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse), or else could be found navigating the pitfalls of romance back at … Continue reading 7:3 – Andy in the field

4:6 – Wally Brando

Sheriff Frank Truman (Robert Forster) trudges down the steps of the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department and walks over to his visitor, who is flanked on either side by his parents Lucy (Kimmy Robertson) and Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz). They coo over their son, who has clearly been on the road and away from home for … Continue reading 4:6 – Wally Brando

4:5 – Brings back some memories

The beginning of The Return has taken us to various difference places across the United States, but until now our visits to the titular town of Twin Peaks has been few and far between - and often brief. Now, however, we get a slightly more expansive stay at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department and if feels … Continue reading 4:5 – Brings back some memories

3:12 – It’s not about the bunny

One of the great comedic scene cappers in the beginning of Twin Peaks occurs in the conference room of the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department. Fresh faced Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and Sheriff Harry Truman (Michael Ontkean) are sat at the table going through evidence, and have been noting items of intrigue surrounding Laura Palmer's diary, … Continue reading 3:12 – It’s not about the bunny

1:11 – Boxes

So far we've had the sinister glass box, Dr. Jacoby's delivery of shovels, even Ruth Davenport's apartment could be viewed as a kind of locked box... Part 1's preoccupation with boxes - and openings - continues as we return to the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department. Following his late night phone call with Margaret Lanterman, Deputy … Continue reading 1:11 – Boxes