5:17 – One phone call

Lynch and Frost have a number of ways of making their villains seem sinister or threatening. The way Lynch implements certain drones and tones in the score, for instance. In the writing, one such device has been to give these antagonists the upper hand in some way that baffles or bewilders the so-called 'white hats'. … Continue reading 5:17 – One phone call

5:16 – Cooper’s prints

Agent Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell) sits in an office looking over the prints lifted from Mr. C (Kyle MacLachlan). She holds a photo of Dale Cooper circa 1990. Young. Fresh faced. He looks determined. It is as though she is trying to get a read on the man from this piece of archival evidence. What's … Continue reading 5:16 – Cooper’s prints

4:11 – The interview

We cut to a short while later and Deputy Director Gordon Cole (David Lynch), Agents Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) and Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell) are positioned in a darkened room, ready to speak to the incarcerated Mr. C (Kyle MachLachlan). They sit behind protective glass. Cole announces his intention to speak to the prisoner. He … Continue reading 4:11 – The interview

4:10 – Faces of stone

Patriotism manifests in a number of different ways over the course of The Return, from Dr. Jacoby's mountainside broadcasts railing against the government to how the American flag kindles memories of Cooper in Douglas Jones. It is used as a tool by various characters for different purposes. For FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole (David Lynch), patriotism … Continue reading 4:10 – Faces of stone

3:7 – I feel funny

This post covers a series of short scenes edited together into a unified sequence. Back out on the roadside, the presence of the drapes surrounding Mr. C's (Kyle MacLachlan) wrecked car intensifies, as does his nausea. At the Rancho Rosa development, Dougie staggers across the floor to the living room, while Jade (Nafessa Williams) showers. … Continue reading 3:7 – I feel funny

3:5 – Transitions

This post covers a series of short scenes edited together into a unified sequence. Mr. C (Kyle MacLachlan) drives down a road in the desert; the same as when Agent Cooper saw him from an elevated vantage point while gazing out through the drapes of the Black Lodge. As he drives, he starts to lose … Continue reading 3:5 – Transitions

2:9 – Next door

Leaving the body of Darya in room 6, Mr. C (Kyle MacLachlan) moves down to room 7, where he evidently has somebody waiting. He knocks three times. Chantal Hutchens (Jennifer Jason Leigh) answers the door, gun in hand, but not threatening her boss. He is wordlessly invited in. Chantal is partner-in-crime (both literally and figuratively) … Continue reading 2:9 – Next door

2:8 – Motel room

Thunder cracks overhead as we view a clouding sky over a treeline and then cut to a motel somewhere. Room 6 with a red door. Headlights swoop over it and Mr. C (Kyle MacLachlan) parks up and makes for the room. Inside, Darya (Nicole LaLiberte) is in her underwear, sitting on the bed, talking on … Continue reading 2:8 – Motel room

2:7 – Jack

Physiognomy is the practice of reading into a person's personality and health through the features of their face. Every part of the face is thought to correspond to another part or trait of the body. By examining someone's cheekbones, for instance, one might gather insight into the wellness of their stomach. It's a talent that … Continue reading 2:7 – Jack