6:2 – Don’t die

Before we return to Dougie (Kyle MacLachlan), Lynch denotes a time cut by taking us to Twin Peaks, by night, to a familiar totem of the town from the show's early days. It's the stoplight at Sparkwood and 21. The light glows an ominous and sickly green, through amber, to red, suggesting the ghost of … Continue reading 6:2 – Don’t die

4:7 – Mr dream weaver

It's morning at the Jones household in Las Vegas. The timelines across the events that take place in Nevada, Washington and South Dakota do not sync up - or even make chronological sense some of the time - but for Dougie Jones (Kyle MacLachlan), this is day 2 of his experiences. We join him sat … Continue reading 4:7 – Mr dream weaver

2:10 – Non-exist-ent

Back to the Black Lodge. Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is as we left him, stood before The Arm which continues to crackle with electricity. The Arm tells him, "253". These numbers are important and recur throughout The Return. Lynch is a believer in numerology. When totalled together these figures equal 10 and this is referred to … Continue reading 2:10 – Non-exist-ent

2:6 – Are you Laura Palmer?

Red drapes. That signature Angelo Badalamenti guitar strum. The statue. Then the familiar Waiting Room at large; three chairs, two lamps, a side table with a small globe-like ornament (a symbol of our Earth; a toy?). The striking coffee and cream chevrons of the patterned floor (used previously by Lynch for the lobby in Eraserhead). … Continue reading 2:6 – Are you Laura Palmer?