8:2 – A call to Phillip

Try as I might I've not managed to find a still of Ray calling Phillip on the phone to use as the header image for this post, so you'll have to settle for this shot of Ray from the previous scene. Ray's (George Griffith) voice opens the next, brief scene, as he places a phone … Continue reading 8:2 – A call to Phillip

4:12 – The blue rose

A time cut relocates the agents to outside the prison, near a diner or cafe. Agent Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell), whose presence we've not had much time to evaluate up until now, makes one of her first substantive contributions. She dismisses Mr. C's (Kyle MacLachlan) alibi as it doesn't hold water; the direction he was … Continue reading 4:12 – The blue rose

2:8 – Motel room

Thunder cracks overhead as we view a clouding sky over a treeline and then cut to a motel somewhere. Room 6 with a red door. Headlights swoop over it and Mr. C (Kyle MacLachlan) parks up and makes for the room. Inside, Darya (Nicole LaLiberte) is in her underwear, sitting on the bed, talking on … Continue reading 2:8 – Motel room