5:13 – Dr. Amp’s gold shit-digging shovel

After setting up so much mystery and intrigue, it's time for Frost and Lynch to give us just a little pay-off, so we delve back into the Twin Peaks woods to learn what Dr. Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) has been up to with those painted shovels. Broadcasting from his rundown trailer nestled in a leafy clearing, … Continue reading 5:13 – Dr. Amp’s gold shit-digging shovel

1:2 – Shovels

Let's talk about waiting. It was a long, long wait for Twin Peaks fans, following the cancellation of the series and the polemic reactions to its prequel feature Fire Walk With Me. Twenty-five years for those who witnessed and adored these things at the time of their initial release. The Return was long teased, even after it … Continue reading 1:2 – Shovels