7:2 – Missing pages

On the desk in the conference room at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, Deputy Chief Hawk (Michael Horse) has laid out the pages found in the bathroom stall in Part 6. They sit side-by-side in individual evidence bags. They are the missing pages from Laura Palmer's  (Sheryl Lee) secret diary; the one that she gave … Continue reading 7:2 – Missing pages

6:14 – Doris revisited; Chad

Part 6 closes out with a scene of minimal significance at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department. But there are still insights to be found, particularly regarding the temperaments of Deputy Chad Broxford (John Pirruccello), and of Sheriff Frank Truman (Robert Forster). We return to the large room previously established as Maggie (Jodi Thelan) answers 911 calls. … Continue reading 6:14 – Doris revisited; Chad

5:5 – Doris

This entire project is subjective, I won't pretend otherwise, and so, in that spirit, we arrive at easily the worst character in all of The Return, and I'd go further and say all of Twin Peaks even besting the ever-excruciating Dick Tremayne portrayed by Ian Buchanan (mercifully absent from The Return). Yes, it's time for Sheriff Frank … Continue reading 5:5 – Doris