3:13 – Shovels revisited

Before we return to the misadventures of Dougie (Kyle MacLachlan), another playful tease of what Dr. Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) is up to. We last saw him near the top of Part 1 taking delivery of a number of shovels. So early did this appear that we are naturally drawn to conclude its relevance to the … Continue reading 3:13 – Shovels revisited

1:2 – Shovels

Let's talk about waiting. It was a long, long wait for Twin Peaks fans, following the cancellation of the series and the polemic reactions to its prequel feature Fire Walk With Me. Twenty-five years for those who witnessed and adored these things at the time of their initial release. The Return was long teased, even after it … Continue reading 1:2 – Shovels