5:8 – Vacancy

While Dougie (Kyle MacLachlan) navigates the complexities of the workplace, Mark Frost and David Lynch now takes us back to the Silver Mustang Casino, and our first glimpse of the bosses who will become so quixotically prevalent later on in the evolution of The Return. We're in a control room, where employees oversee around two … Continue reading 5:8 – Vacancy

4:2 – Burns

Most recently recognisable for appearing in hit 2019 shows Fleabag and Stranger Things, Brett Gelman plays Supervisor Burns at the Silver Mustang Casino. Dougie (Kyle MacLachlan) is brought to his office, where the man appears to be in some distress. His hand is to his throat as though checking to see if his glands are swelling. … Continue reading 4:2 – Burns

4:1 – Mr Jackpots

Las Vegas, and we return to the Silver Mustang Casino. Employees look on with faces that mix anger and worry as Dougie (Kyle MacLachlan) continues to score jackpot after jackpot on the slot machines, each time issuing his signature, "Helloo-oo". We are informed that this number of mega-jackpots has risen to¬†29 since we left him … Continue reading 4:1 – Mr Jackpots

3:14 – Call for help

Jade (Nafessa Williams) pulls up outside of the Silver Mustang Casino and indicates to Dougie (Kyle MacLachlan) that he should go inside, "someone will help you in there". "In there," parrots Dougie. Jade gives him five dollars and recommends that he call for help. Call for help is the key line of dialogue in Part … Continue reading 3:14 – Call for help